Episode 1 – Artistic Identity



How to stay motivated as an artist — start with your identity! In the first episode of The euCreativ Show, we (Josh and Chris) discuss artistic motivation, how to become the artist you want to be, and how our experiences helped turn us into the artists we are today.

We also want to get a conversation going. Let us know what your biggest struggle or obstacle is to stay motivated as an artist in the comments!

In this episode

  • 00:00 Non-music intro
  • 00:38 Introductions
  • 05:38 Talent vs Skill
  • 06:15 Artistic Identity, what is it?
  • 12:11 Your repeated beingness
  • 16:00 100% Commitment
  • 17:39 Who vs. What
  • 26:00 It starts with your head
  • 28:39 The one fundamental choice
  • 33:27 You’re an artist
  • 35:38 Identity, Behavior, Feelings
  • 40:10 A deep, spiritual commitment
  • 45:34 Closing notes and CTA

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Michael Orwick
5 months ago

A great first podcast you guys. This was a lot of fun to listen to as I did my warm-ups at the easel.