A Tool to Conquer Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome. It’s basically internal thoughts that you’re a phony, fake, sham, etc… And sooner or later someone will find out that you’re a fraud.

If you have these feelings, guess what, welcome to the club.

We are all human, there is nothing wrong with you.

Every time I step up to a blank canvas I feel like a fraud.

Especially after a bad painting or weeks of “bad” paintings.

So, how can we work through this and get back to what we love?

Let’s start with Russ Harris and his book, The Happiness Trap.

He says:

“It’s based on a revolutionary new development in human psychology, a powerful model for change known as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, or ACT.”

Before getting into ACT we need to know that getting rid of negative thoughts are impossible.

Through evolution our brains were built to be a “don’t get killed device”.

Evolution has made sure that we notice the negative all the time.

Even the greatest master of meditation will still have negative thoughts.

You don’t need to get rid of negativity to have a happy life.

It’s all about learning how to accept them and take consistent committed action.

I’ll try and run through ACT quickly.

First we DEFUSE from the negative thoughts.

I like to make fun of them.

After a bad painting or a series of bad paintings my mind tells me “you suck at this, it’s never going to amount to anything, try something easier”.

Then I think, sarcastically. Thanks brain, that’s a super helpful thought, great job for not helping, AT ALL! Haha.

This will allow us to EXPAND and be more than our thoughts.

Thoughts are like clouds in the sky.

We don’t want to be swept along with every cloud that comes by.

We want to be more like the sky. Consistent. And let the cloud thoughts pass through.

We are so much more than just that one thought. You are more than that thought, feel that and expand into it.

Then we make a CONNECTION.

A connection with the present moment.

Too often our thoughts about the past or the future when all we have control over is this present moment.

Now the diffusion, expansion and connection will not be very possible if we can’t OBSERVE our thoughts.

Much of my life my thoughts ruled me and I didn’t know it.

It wasn’t until I committed to a meditation practice that I was able to observe them.

It’s like weight training for you brain.

Who wouldn’t want to have a more powerful brain.

Train yourself to observe through meditation and breathing.

Once you’ve observed and your in the present moment.

You’ve notice the thoughts and diffused from them you can reflect on your purpose and VALUES.

Tap into a well of boundless energy fueled by your greater commitment.

A commitment that can power you though any storm of dark thoughts.

At the end, it’s all about ACTION.

Once we’re are not ruled by our negative thoughts and emotions we can act in accordance with our deepest values.

There you have it!







Practice, and soon you will be able to run this through your mind in an instant turning any negative thought into positive action.

Chris Beaven

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