Are You Unmotivated?

Chase Jarvis wrote an amazing book called Creative Calling.

And in the beginning he defines the issues that most creators face wonderfully.

This one paragraph stood out to me most.

Hey says:

“…Everything about your creative practice looks good on paper, but you still feel unmotivated, even apathetic, about continuing. This happens. It’s happened to me. Everything can look right from the outside and still leave you feeling hollow.”

I know I’ve felt that. Honestly, it’s not something we feel once, figure it out and then it never comes back.

Like Steven Pressfield says Resistance is always there to keep us from our work and we need to be constantly on guard.

There isn’t a month that doesn’t go by that I don’t at least once have to fight back apathy, even now after 8 years of doing art every single day.

Right after that paragraph in Chase Jarvis’ he goes right into the solution.

“The solution here is to remember why you started creating in the first place…”


Have a deep and profound purpose will light a fire under you and burn out any apathy you may feel.

Fortunately I’ve created a Quest to with some practical tools to help you find your creative purpose and cultivate it so you can get in touch with that passion at will.

Do you know your creative purpose?

Do you know why you started drawing, painting, writing, singing, sculpting in the first place?

If you do awesome! Write it down and review it daily.

If not, now is the time to pause and give it some thought.

Chris Beaven

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