Mindsets That Prevent Creativity 3

09/24/21 • 0

#3 Don’t Leave it For Later The third unproductive mindset in that note was. Don’t leave it for later. This reminded me of a tool that Richard Schmid urges us to use from his book Alla Prima.

Mindsets That Prevent Creativity 1

09/20/21 • 0

Inspired by a post on fstoppers.com we are going to go over the first of 5 mindsets that prevent creativity. Perfect materials and conditions.

From Average to Warrior

09/17/21 • 0

Are you going for average? Of course not!. We all have the ability to make ourselves average or into a warrior. Which will you choose?

Want More Creative Time?

09/13/21 • 0

The best way to improve anything is to measure it. If you want more art time, measure how much time you spend and on what.

Respect Your Art Heroes

08/30/21 • 0

Today, technology is ubiquitous and for the most part it’s wonderful. But when we are scrolling through Instagram and comparing ourselves to others it can be debilitating.

The Present Becoming the Future

08/28/21 • 0

“The greatest creative minds, producing masterpieces in art, literature, dance, music, and the sciences, have never been satisfied with their works. Never judge yourself by what you have done. Judge yourself in terms of what you will do. You are not the past. You are the present becoming the future.”

Create Space for Inspiration

08/24/21 • 0

When we create the space for daily practice we invite Inspiration to come in and change our lives forever.

Dare to Fail Greatly

08/11/21 • 0

Failure in life is inevitable and bouncing back from failure is the most fundamentally creative thing we can do.

Want to Be a Genius Like Mozart?

08/03/21 • 0

Twyla Tharp is one of America’s greatest choreographers and she has a ton of wisdom in her book The Creative Habit.

A Tool to Conquer Imposter Syndrome

08/02/21 • 0

Imposter Syndrome. It’s basically internal thoughts that you’re a phony, fake, sham, etc… And sooner or later someone will find out that you’re a fraud.

Make it Till you Make it

08/01/21 • 0

You know the aphorism “fake it till you make it”? Well Chase Jarvis has a better one. “Make it till you make it”!