Stuck in the Mud

10/01/21 • 0

Most high-performers see “making progress on meaningful work” as the best motivator there is, which means the inverse is also true. Lack of progress destroys motivation.

Sweeping the Threshold

09/15/21 • 0

Seeking order in my environment is like burning sage to banish Resistance and invite the Muse. Or Flow. Whatever you want to call it.

Are You Hiding?

08/27/21 • 0

Once you figure out what it is you want to accomplish or the practice you want to establish, set yourself on a path of constant improvement in those few, essential areas.

This is Better

08/25/21 • 0

Why focus on MORE when we can focus on getting BETTER? Better balance, better contributions, creation over destruction? This is the quality over quantity principle at its core.

Make it Effortless

08/19/21 • 1

Prioritization is great — and necessary — but if you have your priorities figured out and you STILL can’t fit them all into your life, then it’s time to make your big rocks a little bit smaller and easier to handle. Be effective, do the essential, make it effortless.

Trust and Patience

08/13/21 • 1

I’ve learned that if you put in the work, the results MIGHT follow. At least when you put in the work you increase the odds of results happening. Because the odds of “it” happening are zero if there’s no effort involved.

Simple Slideshow Warmup

08/09/21 • 1

A simple exercise to use your art reference collection for the power of good (creativity)!

Daydreaming Alone Isn’t Lonely

07/24/21 • 0

The act of creation can be a lonely one. You should get used to the feeling, and get used to YOUR feelings. This little self-exploration exercise is one of my many go-to activities at the beginning of the day.

Make Your Mix Tape

07/16/21 • 1

Have you ever wondered why artists get so upset about their work getting copied

Motivation and Side Projects

07/04/21 • 0

One of my favorite reads to date is Creative Calling by Chase Jarvis. I particularly love his thoughts on motivation and creative cross-training.

Episode 6 – On Style: The Throwdown

06/24/21 • 2

In episode 6 / 1 of the CreateQuest Podcast, Chris, Josh, and Mike discuss artistic style! What was expected to be a heated conversation ended up being quite enlightening as they found a solid middle-ground on the subject of style. Does it cripple artists? Do artists use style as an excuse? Is there a place for style? Find out in this episode!

Relationships Rather than Goals

06/19/21 • 0

If your goal is to get into a gallery, you may fail, but if your goal is to develop relationships with other artists who push you…you may just get into a gallery.

Ready for Liftoff!

06/03/21 • 7

We want to shoot this rocket off, see where it flies, then start steering it in the direction that our community wants to go.

What happened to euCreativ?

04/14/21 • 5

Ahhh, euCreativ…it was a good start to something bigger, but how are you supposed to SPELL it?

Episode 5 – Artistic Motive

04/07/21 • 0

Chris leads the conversation in Episode 5 of the euCreativ Show — on Motive. If your art is a tool for communication, make sure you have something to communicate. This is the longest conversation we’ve had for the show, and (even edited) it runs over an hour, but the topic is probably one of the most impactful things we could say to artists as artists.

Episode 3 – Purpose vs. The World

03/06/21 • 2

How to stay focused on your wildly important artistic purpose! In the third episode of The euCreativ Show, we (Josh and Chris) discuss Resistance, how to make smart commitments to your practice, and identifying the big goals you want to pursue.

Episode 2 – Making a Commitment

02/18/21 • 0

How to stay motivated as an artist — making a commitment and taking action! In the second episode of The euCreativ Show, we (Josh and Chris) discuss artistic motivation, how to make smart commitments to your practice, and identifying the big goals you want to pursue.

Episode 1 – Artistic Identity

02/05/21 • 2

How to stay motivated as an artist — start with your identity! In the first episode of The euCreativ Show, we (Josh and Chris) discuss artistic motivation, how to become the artist you want to be, and how our experiences helped turn us into the artists we are today.