Daily Motivation Fuel

Life and art are magnificently connected and I’m always happy when I find yet another correlation between the two.

My life has changed for the better once I got clear on my WHY and what fires me up to work so hard every day.

Checkout Finding your Creative Purpose for more on that. https://www.createquest.net/courses/the-quest-of-purpose/

But, even though art is a huge part of my life, I need a daily reminder of the reason for getting up at 4am every morning and doing the best I can.

I do this by writing out my deep and meaningful purpose every morning, reflecting on my dreams, visualizing my success and reviewing the steps I’ve put in place to get there.

It only takes a few minutes.

And Sonja Lyubomirsky one of the world’s leading scientists studying well-being says that this practice is the most powerful way to keep motivation high.

Here is the cool part!

Creating a piece of art is the same!

When I start a new piece that is going to take a while I first establish a WHY, a MOTIVE, my PURPOSE for the piece.

Just like for my life in general I need a daily reminder of why I’m working so hard on this piece of art.

Not doing it would make it so much easier to jump down rabbit holes and never finish.

Back to you.

What is your WHY for your life in general?

Journal about it daily and remind yourself of your big purpose in life.


What art are you working on?

What is the deep and meaningful purpose surrounding it?

Journal about it daily to remind yourself of how important it is.

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