Episode 4 – Understanding Growth



Understanding your growth as a creator! In this episode of the euCreativ Show, we discuss the myth of talent, having a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset, and understanding that the path to true mastery is full of ups and downs.

We also want to get a conversation going. Let us know what is challenging you the most as you work to improve your craft by leaving a comment below or LEAVE US A VOICE MESSAGE at https://anchor.fm/eucreativ.

In this episode

  • Symptoms
    • 01:30​ Growth Mindset Vs. Fixed Mindset.
  • Source
    • 04:18 Discouragement over lack of obvious growth. Goals vs Process. Plateaus. Backslides.
    • 09:05 Personality Types: Master, Obsessive, Hacker, Dabbler.
    • 13:49​ Frustration through the talent of others.
  • Solutions
    • 16:10 Understanding what’s going to happen with growth.
    • 17:00 Flow (Growth Zone – Satisfaction with Work) and Deliberate Practice (Picking the right tasks).
    • 22:00 Action Items!

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