Let’s get this party started!

We’re going to try making a transition to a discussion-centric platform, and forums tend to do the trick better than social networks. So let’s get this party started with an intro forum!

I’m Josh. 😀 I’m one of the people who created CreateQuest, along with @chris

Beyond CreateQuest, I’m a husband to a fiery redhead named Haley, and the father of three awesome kiddos. A boy and two girls. Maddix, Arya, and Harper)

I own a tattoo studio, Affinity Art Co., with a business partner (Autumn). Of course, I tattoo at Affinity, as well.

I’m a bit of a nerd — I love learning (nonstop) about art, business, marketing, creativity, technology, psychology, parenting, and tabletop RPG’s. It’s a bit of a buffet of knowledge.

My creative practices are primarily illustration, tattooing, and entrepreneurship. But I try to inject a little bit of creativity into everything that I do.

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