Just curious, what’s your work playlist like? I usually listen to the radio station generated from this playlist when I sit down to draw every day:

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  • Chris Beaven

    My current favorites: (it changes all the time)

  • Tiffany Diehl

    ‘Work’ playlist?

    Does ambient background noise count?

    I am also all over the place depending on the vibe I’m needing to balance. I’ve been leaning on more folk/indie stations as of late. Iron & Wine on the heavy!

    • Chris Beaven

      Love Iron and Wine! But I haven’t listened to them in a long time I need to dig them up out of Deezer.

  • Josh Johnson

    Thanks for sharing all of the playlists, man! I love broadening my musical horizons. 😀

  • Josh Johnson

    Maybe ambient background noise counts? LoL I do white noise or nature sounds sometimes.

    And awesome on the folksy stuff! I’ve been dropping some blues-ish bluegrass into my mix lately. Quite different from the normal rock, metal, EDM, video-game/movie soundtrack blend that I normally listen to.