How to Cultivate Inspiration

In the last post I made called How to Show Up on Your Worst Days I talked about how to cultivate the emotional fortitude to show up and perform regardless of how bad the day is going or how you feel.

It’s not something you’re born with. You need to work on it. Cultivate it.

And we do that by:

  1. Knowing there will be bad days.
  2. Knowing our fundamental creative habits.
  3. The preparing for those bad days by lowering the criteria.

But here is another thing that strategy does for you.

It cultivates your inspiration!

From The War of Art by Steven Pressfield: page 64 hey says…

” Someone once asked Somerset Maugham if he wrote on a schedule or only when struck by inspiration. ‘I write only when inspiration strikes,’ he replied. “fortunately it strike every morning at nine o’clock sharp.’”

That’s a pro.

I love that and have repeated it over and over to myself and others many times.

Pressfield goes on to say…

“…by performing the mundane physical act of sitting down and starting to work, he set in motion a mysterious but infallible sequence of events that would produce inspiration, as surely as if the goddess had synchronized her watch with his.

He knew if he built it, she would come.”

Steven King says the same thing.

He shows up daily to give space for his muse.

A burly basement dwelling guy that smokes cigars and grunts a lot, ha!

So, Again.

Here are the steps to cultivate inspiration as well as emotional fortitude to perform ever single day for the rest of your life.

  1. Recognize that no matter who you are you will have really bad days. Things aren’t going well or you just got punched in the stomach with disappointment or loss, or your getting a kidney transplant.
  2. Figure out what fundamental creative practices you do that keep you thriving.
  3. Establish a minimum amount of work you can do on that creative practice that will progress you forward, even a small baby step forward, on your fundamental creative practice.
  4. Take that baby step, then tomorrow do it again, and again, for the rest of your life.

Do this and it will be very hard to have a really bad day.

Chris Beaven

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