How to Feel Creatively Accomplished Every Day

To feel accomplished with every art session you have, even if you don’t have enough time, there are three easy steps.

Step 1: Recognize your current reality

We want to go into an art session knowing exactly what kind of time we have, what our environment is like, what our energy is like and what materials we have at hand.

Basically know the reality around you.

Let’s say you have a super busy day of flying all day and you had to get up crazy early and miss some sleep just to get to the airport.

Your tired, your not going to be in your studio all day and you will probably only have about 30 minutes free for the whole day.

You only have 30 minutes and lugging a bunch of materials with you is not possible.

Perfect time for a sketchbook and pencil.

Step 2: Set Intentions

Okay, you know how much time you have, what materials you have to work with and where your energy level is at.

In this situation I would suggest sketching at the airport. It’s a wonderful place to do quick sketches of people.

Make the commitment to what you CAN do right now with what you have.

Regardless of how bad your current situation is, accept it.

Focus on what you CAN DO not what you can’t. You have full control of your day.

The MOST important part is that you set an intention that you can accomplish with what you have.

Then the hard part…

Step 3: Get to Work

You have a plan.

Now is the time to take ACTION!

Execute your plan like a decisive general on a battlefield.

Get focused and make it happen.

Once you’ve gone through all these three steps and have achieved the goal you’ve set I guarantee you that you will feel accomplished.

Chris Beaven

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