How to get Your Creative Train Rolling Again

Chase Jarvis in Creative Calling tells about an encounter with a woman during an event.

She had a creative passion but the demands of work and family had taken over and she hasn’t done anything in years.

“Without even realizing it, this woman had bought into a huge lie that so many of us accept. We internalize the idea that our calling is too risky, too impractical to even consider pursuing. That doing so would be selfish, deeply unwise. Deep down, we know we’re selling ourselves out, so we carry this regret with us into each new phase of life. These faulty beliefs work there way into our bones as dogma, making it harder and harder to undo the damage as each year goes by. The only antidote, for this woman and for you, is to to stop the madness right now. With love and empathy for yourself, gently summon the courage to make a change.”

Every moment of every day we have a choice to change for the better.

We can choose to turn away from what we know deep inside will fulfill our lives or to sit down and begin.

Chase Jarvis continues on by saying:

“My answer to her was simple: Begin. Rekindle your creative craft for a few moment every day. Don’t worry about the rest right now; simply sit down and make something.”

After years of being away from your creative habit doing anything is hard.

Just getting started seems almost insurmountable.

It’s like a train with a mile long link of cars behind it.

Getting that massive amount of weight moving forward seems impossible.

We normally don’t start anything because we’re thinking about all the weight we’re towing.

The solution is just like Chase Jarvis says. “A few moments every day”.

Lower the criteria. Your the conductor of your own life and you can choose to un-hitch all those cars behind your engine.

So, with love and empathy for yourself understand that it’s not too risky to spend a few moments each day being creative.

Allow yourself that time each day to dream, discover, build, and shape your passion.

What’s your passion?

Are there more days in the month that you don’t work on it than you do?

How can you be a little more compassionate with yourself and lower the criteria for creative success so you can get the train rolling again?

Chris Beaven

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