How to Motivate Yourself With Positivity

In my last video, How Not to Motivate yourself, we talked about Tim Grahl’s and his tool for using pain to motivate.

Remember that punishment and pain, when used as motivators, only results in mediocre work and resentment for the habit you’re trying to create.

For most of us it’s easy to identify with the negative consequences of something we don’t do.

Our brains have evolved over thousands of years to become basically a “don’t get killed device”.

For this an other reasons we find it very hard to identify with the positive consequences of something we do.

We could succeed 95% of the way and only notice the 5% that we didn’t do.

Yeah that painting is wonderful and it sold, but… fill in the blank…

It’s just like Time Grahl’s tool for motivation using pain.

Through it, he created a clear distinction between his core believes and what is not.

But it’s focus was completely on what he hates and not on who he truly wants to be.

We want to focus on the positive of these distinctions.

This is where true lasting motivation lies.

Rather than creating a negative game with our deeper values, let’s create a positive game and get in touch with our deepest purpose and use that as motivation.

How do we do that?

The best place to start with motivation is our desire.

The author Napoleon Hill called it a “burning desire”.

Deep motivation is always a result of our your desire.

A desire to create, to accomplish, to change, to be the artist we’ve always wanted to be.

Only by obtaining clarity on which of our creative goals are meaningful to us can we connect them with our deeper purpose, our desire.

It’s through this connection that motivation flows.

The deeper the connection to us the more we take action.

That’s motivation!

Back to you.

What has deep meaning in your life right now?

Is your creative work connected to that deeper meaning?

How can you bring your creative work closer to that deep meaning?

Create a Calling Description for your life then write it down.

Like a job description but infinitely more powerful.

Review it daily.

Chris Beaven

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