How to Show Up on Your Worst Days

Showing up on your worst days and making progress on your creative habit is hard.

It’s not something that you’re born with it doesn’t just happen automatically.

You need to cultivate it.

And the best way that I’ve found to do that is to an establish a minimum.

I’ve spent the past 8 plus years showing up on the absolute best days and the absolute worst and committing to that minimum has been the most powerful.

Lowering the criteria so you can make progress consistently every single day no matter what is how you build up enough emotional fortitude to show up on your worst days and really excel on the best days.

I like what Phil Stutz says.

He says that when the day is not going well we should say this to ourselves.

“I don’t feel good but I’m going to keep up with the protocol. In fact, I am MOST avid about sticking with the protocol when it’s hardest.”

Here are the steps to build enough emotional fortitude to perform every single day for the rest of your life.

  1. Recognize that no matter who you are you will have really bad days. Things aren’t going well or you just got punched in the stomach with disappointment or loss, or your getting a kidney transplant.
  2. Figure out what fundamental creative practices you do that keep you thriving.
  3. Establish a minimum amount of work you can do on that creative practice that will progress you forward, even a small baby step forward, on your fundamental creative practice.
  4. Take that baby step, then tomorrow do it again, and again, for the rest of your life.

Do this and it will be very hard to have a really bad day.

Chris Beaven

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