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I happened along a photography post, from that succinctly describes 5 mindsets that keep us from creating what we love.

And even though the article is about photography I think the wisdom is universal and we can apply it to all our different creative habits.

I have the original post linked in the text.

5 Unproductive Mindsets That Keep You From Becoming a Better Landscape Photographer

#1 We Require Perfect Conditions and Materials

Many artists feel they need to have a studio full of costly materials to create anything or to even get started.

Fortunatly this has been disproved countless times in the art world.

Have a look at Francis Bacon’s studio and materials if you don’t believe me.

YIKES! Yet, Wikipedia says: “his work is among the most acclaimed, expensive and sought-after on the art market”. (wiki)

I’ve even seen an artist on New Masters Academy draw amazing figures with a chocolate bar.

It’s not the materials that matter.

Anything can make a beautiful mark if wielded by a skilled hand.

In fact most of the art the I do is with the most basic materials that cost little.

I remember a teacher that knew the history of Rembrandt tell me once that all the worst oil painting materials on the market today were still better than what Rembrandt had.

If he can create timeless masterpieces with what we consider today less than adequate materials, then so can you.

Think about how you’ve approached your creative habit in the past.

Have you ever put off a creative session because you don’t have the right materials?

How can you simplify your materials and put your expression to work right away?

Chris Beaven

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