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I happened along a photography post, from that succinctly describes 5 mindsets that keep us from creating what we love.

And even though the article is about photography I think the wisdom is universal and we can apply it to all our different creative habits.

I have the original post linked in the text.

5 Unproductive Mindsets That Keep You From Becoming a Better Landscape Photographer

#2 We Need the Perfect Subject

For months I worked on a series of drawings for called Fandom Fitness.

These drawings were based on portraits of celebrities from various fandoms.

I drew a wide range of famous people.

Spock from Star Trek, Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, Yoda from Star Wars and even real life heroes like Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa Parks.

But the search for images of these celebrities didn’t always go well.

Like the drawing for Steve Irwin. The Australian zookeeper from the popular television series called The Crocodile Hunter.

As it turns out this ended up being one of my best drawing even though all I could find was very low resolution imagery.

The image I worked from barely had any detail to it at all.

I had to piece together multiple photos of his head and face, just to get his likeness.

Regardless of the subject, I’m able to pull out many great drawings regardless.

Any of us can browse YouTube for artist painting, drawing and sculpting from subjects that are far from perfect and they can still introduce their own creativity and make the work shine.

Many artists claim that they only work from life, and working from life is the only way to work if you want to progress.

This is a limiting concept. One that leans heavily on exact reproduction of the subject without the infusion of internal creativity.

Through imperfections in our subject we are forced to be creative and to deeply improve our creative thinking skills.

Besides, If any figure artist starting out took the advice to only work from models they would barely get any work done because they were saving up just to hire a model for one session a month.

Then, the Covid pandemic hits and we’re all forced to not work from live models.

Even Robert Liberace moved from live models to photos during the pandemic and what he produced was still amazing!

So back to you:

How can you relax your need for the perfect subject and embrace the challenge of working through a problematic subject and maybe even get your imagination involved?

Chris Beaven

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