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I happened along a photography post, from that succinctly describes 5 mindsets that keep us from creating what we love.

And even though the article is about photography I think the wisdom is universal and we can apply it to all our different creative habits.

I have the original post linked in the text.

5 Unproductive Mindsets That Keep You From Becoming a Better Landscape Photographer

4 Using Photos/Photoshop Is Cheating

When someone buys your art because it was meaningful to them, do you think they are going to throw it away or demand a refund because you created it from photo or used a grid with the help from Photoshop?

I doubt it.

Look at Rembrandt’s work.

In his time he used every means necessary to get the look of the painting that he wanted.

He was know for trying all kinds of different materials and techniques.

And, If Rembrandt were alive today he would still use every modern advancement necessary to create the painting he wanted.

I’m certain he would be in Photoshop, Lightroom, Stock photo sites, taking his own photos and virtual reality to create something we’ve never seen before.

How about Vermeer?

Everyone knows he used a camera obscura, yet his paintings are priceless and he sold a lot of them when he was alive.

But many of lean heavily on the perfectionist and fixed mindset.

If we’re not doing it just like the masters were when they were alive then we aren’t worthy.

I’ve even heard other artists remark, “Yeah, it’s a beautiful painting, but it was done from photo…”

If we want to impose pre 19th century limits on ourselves in the 21st century then we need to consider the entirety of our current reality.

Honestly I would love to do nothing but art all day long every single day in a guild of peers that are doing the same thing, while getting paid a livable wage.

But that is not possible today.

Today we are more busy than we ever have been in history. We get more inputs in a day than people in the 1800’s got in a year.

Years ago I used to think the same way.

Everything needed to be done from life.

Until I committed to doing art every single day for the rest of my life.

My previous incompatible 19th century limits didn’t work any longer.

So I upgraded to the modern era and put more emphasis on consistent progress rather than perfectionism.

I no longer measured my artistic worth by a 300 year old yard stick.

So, back to you.

Are you putting incompatible limits on yourself that is keep you from progress?

How can you focus on communications in your art and use any means at hand?

Chris Beaven

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