The Art of Impossible – Episode 8

An update on the New and Improved CreateQuest, plus one of the best books that Chris and Josh have ever read!



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In this episode:

  • 00:21 The New Website and The Future
  • 02:12 The Book – The Art of Impossible
  • 05:48 An 80/20 Approach to Just Get Started
  • 13:05 The Definition of Hyperbole
  • 17:41 Turning a Curiosity into a Passion and Purpose
  • 24:58 Everyone is a Creator —

Music Credits: The Ice Giants by Kevin MacLeod



Josh Johnson

I'm a husband and a father to three beautiful kiddos. I'm obsessed with philosophy, creativity, learning, and teaching. I want to make the world a more beautiful place by teaching others to embrace creativity.


  1. Hi, this really isn’t where this comment should go but I can’t seem to find anywhere to contact you guys. The new website is nice but it seems like there’s a lot of missing articles. Specifically one by Josh about line quality that I found really helpful but now I can’t find anymore. Also Chris’s bio at the end of articles is still lorem ipsum so you might want to fix that. Would really love to be able to see that line quality post again, thanks

    1. Hey Alastair! Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, many of our articles were lost while the database was undergoing regular maintenance.

      CreateQuest will be moving more toward a creativity and professional development centric platform instead of focusing on technical skills. But I’ll work on rewriting that article on my personal blog ASAP since you found it useful!

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