The One Thing that Will Make You a Better Artist

Ever since I read Why We Sleep I’ve focused on getting the best out of my creative power plant, SLEEP, and it has literally changed my life.

Sleep is the foundation of health that all other pillars rest on.

If you want to lose weight, have mental acuity and perform better in everything get 7-9 hours of sleep a night.

That’s 7-9 hours of actual sleep, not 7-9 hours in bed.

I’m in bed every night for about 9 hours and I get roughly 7 hours of sleep.

I’m working on my sleep efficiency so I can be in bed for 9 hours and get 8 plus hours of sleep.

Here is what Matthew Walker, the leading researcher in the science of sleep says about it.

“A balanced diet and exercise are of vital importance, yes. But we now see sleep as the preeminent force in this health trinity. The physical and mental impairments caused by one night of bad sleep dwarf those caused by an equivalent absence of food or exercise. It is difficult to imagine any other state—natural or medically manipulated—that affords a more powerful redressing physical and mental health at every level of analysis.

Based on a rich, new scientific understanding of sleep, we no longer have to ask what sleep is good for. Instead, we are now forced to wonder whether there are any biological functions that do not benefit by a good night’s sleep. So far, the results of thousands of studies insist that no, there aren’t.”

The massive amount of research on the importance of sleep is undeniable.

Sleep has such a profound effect on our health and well being that many have stopped even testing it’s viability and have begun researching what it doesn’t improve.

I highly recommend the book or the audio book.

It’s full of decades of scientific research and studies that prove how important sleep is for all of us and debunks many myths about sleep.

But take it from me. Once I’ve changed how I sleep my productivity, psychology, physiology and every other aspect of my life especially my art has improved.

It is truly the one thing you can count on to make you a better artist and honestly, better at anything.

Chris Beaven

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