The Professional is Patient

How often have we had this wonderful super creative awesome idea, then without thinking we plunge head first into it without thinking?

It’s a level of intensity that can’t be sustained. Yeah you can work furiously for hours straight and maybe keep it up for a week or so but soon you will hit a wall and crash.

Steven Pressfield tells us that the Professional understand delayed gratification.

“The professional arms himself with patience, not only to give the stars time to align in his career, but to keep himself from flaming out in each individual work. He knows that any job, whether it’s a novel or a kitchen remodel, takes twice as long as his thinks and costs twice as much. He accepts that. He recognizes reality.”

Any creative endeavor we have takes time and it’s healthy to start it with a little bit of practicality.

I’m not saying not to start as soon as possible. When you’re hit with the inspiration begin right away.

The operative word here is to BEGIN.

But don’t burn yourself out by grinding constantly for days.

I love the WOOP practice from Gabriele Oettingen .

She is a world renown research that has spent her life studying how dreams are turned into reality.

She says it’s important to dream big, but it’s not enough.

We need to rub it up against reality.

Here is WOOP.

  • W is for Wish

  • O is for Outcome (or benefits—kinda like the “why”)

  • O is for Obstacles

  • P is for Plan

Got an awesome creative idea? Great!

What is your wish for this creative goal?

What outcome will you experience it once accomplished?

Now, what obstacles may get in your way to complete it? Maybe burnout because your so excited your going to hard at the beginning?

Lastly, what is your plans to overcome those obstacles and guarantee your success?

It only takes a minute to run through this.

Have the inspiration. Be patient. Rub it up against reality. Then get started.


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